The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | The Pomegranate and The Lime
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The Pomegranate and The Lime

F r u i t s


Photo Credit: Mahasen Jannah via Borough Market.



“Typical London weather” cried out Darius as he held the tattered Metro above his head. He walked out from London Bridge station and marched on towards his workplace. A smell of freshly brewed grounded coffee invaded his nose, awakening him just a bit. As he walked, his double-chinned face propped down to see his tanned Clarks shoes get dirty with drain water. Bugger, today was just one of his days, he thought.

As he walked on, the array of beautiful exotic fruits danced in his peripheral vision. The vibrant greens, the luscious pinks, and yellows. He thought it was quite oxymoronic how such delicate, summer filled fruits, shone in the cold, dull city of London. Oh, how he enjoyed his summer with his fiancé in Hyde Park, sipping on Prosecco and indulging in summer fruits. The sweet memories it brought to his mind and his taste buds.

The stall keeper held a neon green lime infront of Darius to smell.  He took it with a surprised face, putting his nose close to the outer edge. He took one slow whiff in, and it was beautiful. He was spun off to beautiful Mexico, amongst a forest of limes, in front of him he saw a worker selecting the finest limes the farm could offer. As he exhaled it out, he was whisked away to a Mexican bar where he ordered a fresh cocktail, perfect for the working man under the Mexican sun. freshly blended and iced served with another fresh cut lime on the rim of the glass. It oozed and dripped with citrusy excitement.

Next, he ended up in Australia was the worker’s hand designed their limes into marmalade. The may function of this green lemon which he held ever so close to his nose. His stomach rumbled, he would kill for a key lime pie right now.

The stall keeper attracted him even more to a vast selection of fruits and vegetables. Something sadly the UK isn’t responsible for growing out its own soil. The spikey pineapples, the sunset Satsuma’s, the cherry pink dragon fruits, and the ruby red pomegranates. He picked up a pomegranate and the stall keep sliced it at half baring all her jewels. Her jewels glistened at Darius. Daring him towards her. Her rustic red shined all over, and her sweet luscious flavour was yet to be revealed, but the beads screamed at him to give in.

‘She’s just as good as she looks’ the stall keep whispered quite perversely to Darius. Darius smiled awkwardly, realizing how tough it was to sell. Just as soon as he was going to bring out his wallet, just when the stall keeps bring out a blue carrier bag to bag the heavenly fruits; Darius’s phone rings in his pocket. It was Samantha, his personal assistant. He was late. He gave back the delicious treat back to the sales keep and speed walked it to his boring job as a director under the typical London sky.

Mahasen Jannah

A East London girl living an East London life. Mahasen finds herself trapped in the most scariest novels. Compared to everything around her, her enthusiasm to pursue english on a degree level is influenced by many factors; from Stephen King to Dean Koontz and of course her secondary head of year. She enjoys watching and indulging into the latest crime movie/novel and has an obsession with capturing moments which she can write about. She is an aspiring teacher in the making, wanting to shape the next generation with her crazy love for a good read.