The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | Stolen By Lucy Christopher
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Stolen By Lucy Christopher

Photo credit: Pawan Sharma

Stolen by Lucy Christopher, is one of those stories you will hear stories about. A girl being drugged at the airport just before flying out with her family for vacation. Yes it does sound a little cliché I guess. However, the story grabs you from the moment you dive into the book. Gemma, the main character of the book is heading out with her family on holiday before she meets her abductor. Not knowing what she has gotten herself into, Gemma is drugged and STOLEN!

Not wanting to give too much away, the story really makes the reader feel captivated. Empathising closely with Gemma throughout the story, the reader is always questioning what will happen next. Will her kidnapper Ty kill her? Rape her? Drug her? For a kidnapper, he does not do much, a bit freaky if I do say so myself.

After Ty drugs her at the airport, Gemma wakes up completely unaware of where she is. Tied to a bed she has no idea of what is actually going on. Her surroundings make no sense, as she can see there is no ending to the desert she is being held captivated in. With no means of escape or any way to contact her loved ones, Gemma has to try and fight through her situation in order to survive with her kidnapper Ty. He constantly reminds her that he will not hurt her, but a confused Gemma is still unaware of why he would kidnap her if he is not going to do anything to her.

Lucy Christopher’s Stolen is a unique novel, as it is eye opening for everyone. Pretty frightening and shocking at times, the book keeps you hooked, questioning what will happen next. Ty’s character can also be described at times as frightening and shocking. There’s not much simplicity to the story line however Lucy Christopher’s choice of English makes it easier for all ages to read. I can solely remember that although it was an easy read, there were many times Lucy’s choice of words and storyline would make me feel some type of way. An uneasy sort of feeling of whether Gemma would survive at the hand of Ty or not.

Although the reader questions Ty’s motive, you almost start to accept Ty’s weird behavior and start to feel love towards him. Not wanting to hurt Gemma is any shape or form, readers start to open up to his unusual character. They almost fall for him in a more romantic way, as you fall for his soft sweet personality. As the reader you almost forget that he has kidnapped her, but you kind of want them to be in a romantic relationship. Yes it is all starting to sound weird but once you read the book you will understand what I am trying to get at.

Hopefully this will give you a slight glimpse of what an excellent read Stolen is, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Kinza Rafique

Kinza, a third year English with Creative writing student from Essex. Now studying at London Southbank University, Kinza found her love for books during her primary school years. Her love for Roald Dahl and his children's books caught Kinza's attention from a very young age. Diving into almost all of his books Kinza spent most of her time flicking through his books with excitement. Her favourite definitely having to be The Twits. Kinza's love for books didn't die after primary school, in fact she carried on indulging herself into good reads throughout high school. Eventually Kinza realised during A levels that Creative Writing was one of her favourite subjects. Being able to scribble down fun stories was something she made into a hobby. She carried on with this hobby into her university life as picked English as the course she wanted to study. Kinza would like to share the greatness of authors like Roald Dahl onto future generations, and hopes to pursue a career in primary school teaching.