The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | Pizza in Venice
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Pizza in Venice

P i z z a I n , . . V e n i c e

P i z z a I n V e n i c e

Photo Credt: David Nuescheler Via



The bridge was right in front of me, it was beautiful, the eroded rock looked like a form of abstract art; natures green appeared from every crack and dent. I heard the sounds of the birds humming, the soft footsteps, and the quiet whispers of peoples’ voices. Everything in my surrounding was at peace, like a child sleeping after a good milk feed. It was no ordinary road, there was always road works going on, cars beeping from the traffic that packs at the left of the road, so when this place was silent, it was astonishing to the ears.

As I walked towards the bridge I felt a slight breeze across the nape of my neck which gave me a beautiful tingle in my nerves. I inhaled and took in the beauty of the view. The water beneath me looked dangerously deep, it has a salty smell lingering, but it was very subtle. I looked over the bridge, to my horizon and then I looked beneath me, the luscious waves hugged one another, and hen glided into the stilts of the bridge. Clashing and swooshing.

My stomach rumbled so I decided to finish this view and head my way up the quiet roads. A wrap, a salad or coffee and croissants? I was ravishing, I could eat a whole hyena if I could. Oregano filled my nose, and I followed the trail of the baked goods that leads me to the window of a family pizza restaurant. It was your average medium sized restaurant, that had fancy seats, table and décor. Perhaps a bit too fancy for a place that sells pizzas(!) but I’m not one to be complaining. As I pushed the windowed black door in front of me the cliché bell rang above me.

I was greeted by the most beautiful girl with the biggest brown eyes and brown locks to match. Table for one I said in my voice, and she noticed it just fine and escorted me to my seat. She handed me a decent menu, and with just a glance, my eyes fell on the vegetarian section. I ordered a vegetarian pizza, and a coke to go with it and she walked away after I ordered.

My seat was near the window and I had a very relaxing view up ahead of me. How could it be so quiet at a time like this in a place like this I thought? I played around with some games on my phone. I obviously took some snaps of my view and the restaurant itself. And my pizza was with me before I knew it. I wasn’t that surprised at how fast I got served to see that I’m the only customer here. My mouth began to water when brown eyed girl placed a hot, succulent, and green pizza in front of me. The red bell peppers, the tangy half cut cherry tomatoes, the red crisp onions, the mustard coloured sweetcorn. It was a rainbow explosion. It looked so very aesthetic and just like every other foodie, I had to take a very aesthetically pleasing picture of my lunch. I cut it with the pizza cutter and grabbed my first bite. The tomato base attacked my taste buds and sent them on overdrive, and the vegetables brought their own taste to my palette. And just from that one bite, I knew I will be able to treasure the memory of one of the best pizza’s I had in Venice.


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P h o t o C r e d i t : John Jason via

Mahasen Jannah

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