The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | A Brother’s Love
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A Brother’s Love

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It was one hot summer there were a family of three, two twin boys and their mother. They were driving down to the beach and thought they’d have a perfect day out after all that they had gone through as a family. Emily’s husband had moved on, herself and her two boys Liam and Henry moved out of the city and went to a beautiful countryside. As they were driving Liam fell asleep and Henry was entertaining his mum. Within moments a car had raged passed them and lost control of his vehicle and crashed into theirs, they were all knocked out and got immediate attention from the hospital. Few weeks had gone by they were slowly recovering from the accident.

The seasons had come and gone it has been three years, Liam and Henry were outside playing in the garden, Henry told Liam to go into this dark hole, if he was brave enough Henry would give up his toy. Before doing so he heard his mum calling to come inside and have lunch. They both washed up and set the table. Liam was eating away as for Henry he whispered and told Liam that he wanted a drink. At that moment their mum looked back and said; “Liam what is the matter?” Liam responded saying; “Henry is really thirsty, and he wants juice.” She looked at him, took a deep breath and said; “Well if he wants juice then he can always ask, his got a mouth of his own he can use it.” She walked away from the table and carried on. They both looked at each other and did not say a word.

Liam was playing in his room, Henry saw and joined him, they both were whispering as their mother always liked it quiet, she did not want to hear from them. It was her only time of peace. The two started laughing and messing around, their mother on the other hand was in her room with her psychologist talking about the accident they had three years ago and how she is feeling, they both suddenly heard the noises coming from the boy’s room and went to check. Liam was jumping on the bed while Henry was hiding. The psychologist looked around the room, Emily told Liam to keep it down, Liam looked at her and said, “Henry was the one who started it, it wasn’t me!” She shook her head and apologised for their behaviour. She walked out with her psychologist, the boys ran downstairs and saw her leave, Liam called out and told her that Henry does not like her coming to the house and always talking to their mum. She looked at him and said, “whether or not Henry likes me coming there’s no changing that, I’m sure Henry is well aware, he knows just like you that I’m helping mum to get better.” They both looked at each other and saw her leave.

Liam had fallen very ill and could not lift his head, on the other hand his brother was taking care of him by keeping him company. Liam fell asleep, his mother came in, she ran her fingers through his hair, she looked over her shoulder and told Henry not to disturb him anymore and to leave before he does something and get her cross. Henry was upset and left, Emily started carrying on with her chores outside in the garden. Henry was in a corner crying he suddenly looked up and started wondering the house he saw his mother outside and skipped through the living room, bedrooms, sliding down from the stairs and into the kitchen, he started playing with all the gas knobs and slowly walked upstairs into where Liam was sleeping. Henry woke him up, Liam was happy to see him and told him that he was sorry for everything and it was time for him to let Henry go. Henry did not have a reaction but rather smiled at him. Liam started coughing really hard and smelt gas he told Henry if he could smell it too and told him that he could not breathe. Henry just stood there and did not say anything instead he held his hand…within seconds the house blew up into flames and everything was destroyed. Their mum however, was outside in complete shock she cried and screamed. The fire brigade came, the house was surrounded with police, an ambulance and people trying to take out the fire. The police took out the burnt body and placed him down with a white cover over him. Emily’s eyes were full of tears and pain as she cried near him. Henry walked down towards his brother, he laid near Liam’s body holding his hand and whispered into his ear; “we can now be together again…”. Liam was able to see and communicate with Henry from the beginning. As Henry was a spirit who lingered around Liam after the accident three years ago.

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Tahmina uddin

Tahmina Uddin is currently studying her final year at London Southbank University. From a young age she had a keen interest in writing, as well as reading. These interests sparked her desire to seek a career in English. As her final year slowly comes to an end, she hopes to use her degree to pursue teaching children to better understand the English language and develop a love for reading.