The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | The Phone
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The Phone

Photo Credit: Peter Forster via

A few weeks ago, my cousin’s friend and single mother Lily bought a new mobile phone. After a tiresome day in the office, she came home, placed her phone on the kitchen counter and went to unwind in front of the television. After a while, her daughter Anna came in and asked if she could play with her new phone. She warned her not to call anyone and to let her know if she received a text. 

When eleven o’clock came around Lily was feeling very sleepy. So she decided to tuck Anna into bed and retire to her room. However, Lily’s tiredness became panic when she realised Anna was not in her room, so she hurried over to her own to find Anna sound asleep in bed, phone in her hand.

Relieved, she gingerly slid her phone out of her daughters hands and began to go through it. Swiping and closing apps as she went along. Her finger took a pause as she passed her photos. Upon taking a closer look she couldn’t help but chuckle at her daughters use of the camera. There were at least twenty identical selfies of Anna peering into the camera. The only difference was the way she looked more confused in each one.

At first glance, she thought it was her mind playing tricks as she was feeling a bit drowsy. But upon further inspection, she was in utter disbelief. Her heart took the biggest break, and then thumped back into her chest sending her body into overdrive.  She broke out in a sweat, only her tongue was so dry she could feel her throat chafing. she didn’t understand how this could be possible. it was as if somebody had been standin exactly where Lily was now and took a snap of Anna who was sound asleep. Unaware of the dark entity beside her.

Mahasen Jannah

A East London girl living an East London life. Mahasen finds herself trapped in the most scariest novels. Compared to everything around her, her enthusiasm to pursue english on a degree level is influenced by many factors; from Stephen King to Dean Koontz and of course her secondary head of year. She enjoys watching and indulging into the latest crime movie/novel and has an obsession with capturing moments which she can write about. She is an aspiring teacher in the making, wanting to shape the next generation with her crazy love for a good read.