The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | The Eyes in the wardrobe
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The Eyes in the wardrobe

Photo credit: Stefano Pollio and Darkness


Victor laid flat as a thin piece of paper on his bed. Well, he tried too. He held his breath, scared to let out any evidence of life. The wardrobe door was screeching open and the victor was too scared to close it. It shrieked slowly. His window opened so suddenly and there were many shadows beginning to prance in his room. He exhaled deeply. The wardrobe door opened so fast it collided with the wall with a great big, BANG!

Victor grabbed his flashlight, covered himself with the blanket, and began to weep out of fear. He turned on his flashlight, buried himself even deeper under his blanket and read the comic book under his pillow. His voice became husky from crying and his mother didn’t hear any of it. Victor soon fell asleep under the sanctuary of his blanket.

Victor mum, Nancy, got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Victor suddenly woke up, suffocating from sweating beneath his blanket. She slowly raised his head to check if the wardrobe door was opened but it was closed. He sighed. Victor put on his slippers and went to the bathroom. When he was done, he slid down the perfectly polished wooden floors in the hallway. Nancy got annoyed.

“Victor! I told you not to do that anymore, the floors were just done yesterday, if I see you do it again you’re grounded do I make myself clear?”

Victor than forced his legs to walk rather than like “yes mum” he said as he walked back into his room. He put on his school uniform, black straight legged trousers, white polo top and a unique blazer that had a green lining to it. He looked in his mirror, fixed his hair with just one slick flick and he was good to go. He ran to the kitchen and ate breakfast.

“So, doll, are we going to have a good day today? here take your pancakes,” Nancy said hopefully.

Victor squeezed on a helping of whipped cream and golden syrup on his pancakes. He grinned in satisfaction ignoring what his mother just asked him.

“Slow down” Nancy laughed.

After eating victor got his backpack and put his homework, book and reading glasses case inside. But his glasses weren’t in the case. Victor panicked knowing he gets into trouble if he lost his spectacles. ‘umm mum, where are my glasses?” he asked wearily.

Nancy turned away from the kitchen table she was tidying up “they’re in your wardrobe love”. She hollered back.

Victors eyes grew big and his heartbeat was felt in his ears. He looked at his bedroom door from where he was standing and had flashbacks to last night and the repeated fear played in his mind and heart. He slowly took a few steps closer until he was in front of it. He took out a shaky right hand and pulled the handle towards him to open the wardrobe. It was empty. The top shelves were filled with old pictures, old board games and tattered books. His closet has stickers all over it. He fixated on his glasses which were gleaming right in front of him. He grabbed them and quickly slammed the door shut.

Nancy was not sitting down with her mug of coffee. Victor came in and put his glasses on the car and shut his backpack. He put his football shoes. He ran to the front door and dashed his backpack there. Nancy sighed. Victor ran back to the open plan room and switched on the TV to his favourite channel, Nickelodeon. He watched it until his best friends mum rang to pick him up. “Bye honey, have a good day at school pumpkin”. Nancy kissed her sons head and fixed his front hair. Victor ran to the back of the Volkswagen gold that waited for him the road outside his house. “Ta Julie” Nancy shouted from the forest to Denny’s mother in the car. She waved and they drove off.

Jack and Victor started talking about what level they were on in Dragon Quest and once at the school, they got out the car and waddled to class in the cold, in time for registration.

Victor had a good day at school. He got dropped home “see you tomorrow Denny, thanks for the drop off Mrs Gate”.

“are, see you tomorrow, give your mum my love” Julie replied.

Victor ran to his front porch and waved by to Denny as he waited for Nancy to open the door. Victor not changed, done his homework and even read his new book he got from the library. Nancy made him his favourite, spaghetti and they sat at the kitchen table eating. After they were done, victor helped his mum put away the dishes.

“Mum, I did my homework, read my library book and also dried the dishes…” he paused.

“Yes, spit it out now love,” Nancy said suspiciously.

“…So I was wondering if I can play dragon quest, please”.

“Go on you brat! But not for too long now” Nancy said with a giggle.

Victor rushes to his room and began to play. Nancy made dinner later on and called him o come eat, as he left the room, the wardrobe door opened ever so slightly.

After dinner, Victor has a bath and jumped into his PJ’s and cuddled with his cat, Jaffa. He watched tv as e petted her soft fur. Jaffa purred and they both soon fell fast asleep. Nancy tucked Victor to bed and she soon got herself into bed too. Everyone was asleep, the midnight silence filled the homely house. A feeling of complete dread was present. Something human and non-human walked out of victors wardrobe, it started off with Nancy, stealing her from her bed and mutilating her and hanging her from her room window. She choked to death in the cold winters night. Next, it was Jaffa, the thing cut off its head and gnawed on the bloody body of the feline.

Last, the one it has its eyes on. It cut up victor to pieces and force fed him to Denny in Denny’s subconscious. Denny was truly asleep during this. It would feel like a nightmare but in reality, he was actually eating victors mutilated whole body.

After all the fore, the thing, now satisfied crept into Denny’s wardrobe and watched Denny will it could get its hands on him and those around him.

Mahasen Jannah

A East London girl living an East London life. Mahasen finds herself trapped in the most scariest novels. Compared to everything around her, her enthusiasm to pursue english on a degree level is influenced by many factors; from Stephen King to Dean Koontz and of course her secondary head of year. She enjoys watching and indulging into the latest crime movie/novel and has an obsession with capturing moments which she can write about. She is an aspiring teacher in the making, wanting to shape the next generation with her crazy love for a good read.