The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | Ankles
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From what I can recall I have never lived in a haunted house, but my father did when he was a teen. Also, it wasn’t just his house that had things going on, it was other houses on his street. A few doors down there lived an old man and his two daughters. One night, one of his daughters went to bed early due to having a migraine. The next day, she wasn’t alive. She passed away from an aneurysm. 

After the burial, the family went away to help them grieve and carry on, the father asked my uncle-my dad’s brother-to check on their pets, mail, and plants. My dad and aunt accompanied my uncle as they always wanted to see what lies in the grand house.  

Once entering the house, the two headed to the basement to see how their pets were doing, and my auntie was drawn to the piano which was on the ground floor. As she was playing it, she felt something cold glide past her bare legs. She thought it was just the breeze coming in through the open door, so she continued with the piano and suddenly she felt hands clasp her legs and grab them tightly. Fear ran through her ears. Her heart started to pound deeply. In a fit of fear, she dashed to the basement, shouting for her brothers. When they rushed to her, my dad could notice my aunt shook up and asked what was wrong. She told him what had occurred, and he turned pale as ice. He told her, the daughter who had died used to play a game with her father. When he would play the piano, shed crawl below, and grab his ankles and push his feet up and down the pedals. 

Mahasen Jannah

A East London girl living an East London life. Mahasen finds herself trapped in the most scariest novels. Compared to everything around her, her enthusiasm to pursue english on a degree level is influenced by many factors; from Stephen King to Dean Koontz and of course her secondary head of year. She enjoys watching and indulging into the latest crime movie/novel and has an obsession with capturing moments which she can write about. She is an aspiring teacher in the making, wanting to shape the next generation with her crazy love for a good read.