The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | London City
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London City

a busy metropolis,

continued history,

under gloomy skies.



For the Bird’s eye view of my city,

take a spin in the Eye,

The Ferris wheel of sheer delight,


The great central skyline reaching as high as the stars,

the flow of the Thames peacefully dancing,

A very tall soldier that strikes bells at every hour,

The tower of London and then St Paul’s Cathedral,

The globe theatre a houseful of emotions and displays,

Come with me to the Tate Modern lets visualise what people define as art,

Or shopping along Portobello Road in Notting Hill sipping on gingernut lattes,

See the cabinet war rooms that once housed Winston Churchill,

Or, Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

And after all of that,

let’s go to a pub,

even better,

Lets call it a night,

look forward to our English breakfast in the morn.


Photo Credit:

Brunel Johnson, Via :

Mahasen Jannah

A East London girl living an East London life. Mahasen finds herself trapped in the most scariest novels. Compared to everything around her, her enthusiasm to pursue english on a degree level is influenced by many factors; from Stephen King to Dean Koontz and of course her secondary head of year. She enjoys watching and indulging into the latest crime movie/novel and has an obsession with capturing moments which she can write about. She is an aspiring teacher in the making, wanting to shape the next generation with her crazy love for a good read.