The South Bank Review Winter 2017 | Baywatch Review
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Baywatch Review

“Priyanka is definitely winning many hearts in Hollywood.”



Image credit: Paramount

Baywatch is a comedy action film directed by Seth Gordon, but let’s face it, people only watch it because it stars Zac Efron and WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’ so it is bound to be hilarious! Well, to be honest, that is basically the only reason I watched it. And…. let’s not forget that Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra also plays a role in this fun-packed film.

Viewers are stunned by Brody’s epic Manoeuvre when he risks his life and dives in the sea under the flamed yacht, nearly drowning, only to be saved by Holden and C.J, how heroic!

This film attracts viewers aged between 18 to 30 as it stars actors who are funny and who viewers love to watch. This film will also attract that age range as it contains sexual references, strong language and is a comedy.

“Sun’s out, Gun’s out”

“Sun’s out, Gun’s out”


Starring Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra is definitely something new, something rare that will also attract young viewers and Bollywood fans. Chopra plays the villain, Victoria Leeds, in the film which is also something different as she is mainly known for playing heroines in Bollywood films – plot twist! Priyanka is definitely winning many hearts in Hollywood.

Brody is the “Sun’s out, Gun’s out” kind of guy as he flaunts his abs quite a lot, when he is on the beach and when he challenges Mitch in winning the hard course which, for your information, he loses. He is known as a ‘pretty boy’ which is all he is good for. Brody is also vain as he shows off his two gold medals which he won for swimming which is also the main reason as to why he was chosen to be a trainee lifeguard. However, he learns to show appreciation and teamwork towards his fellow lifeguards.

Mitch is the main man in everything and also the hero that saves many lives from drowning on his beach. He shows true heroism when a man dies on the yacht and is determined to get to the bottom of the cause of his death, also solving a criminal case. He thinks there is more to than just saving lives from drowning being a lifeguard. True hero right there!

Comedy is definitely something that catches the attention of the viewers as everybody loves a good laugh, this film provides that for you even when the characters are in a serious situation, they never fail to crack a joke. Despite being a comedy film, it contains much-loved action. My favourite part has to be towards the end when Mitch saves trainee lifeguard, Brody, after he was locked in the cage by Victoria Leeds and left in the sea to drown.

I definitely recommend watching this awesome movie, it is really worth it and something you will not regret, you will love it. Keep yourself and your popcorn ready for the fits of laughter that you will be getting whilst watching this epic hit.

Aksa Chughtai

Aksa is a third year student at the London South Bank University. Aksa hopes to be an English graduate as English is one of her favourite subjects and also has a passion for reading.